Genealogy Roadshow


What do Albuquerque, Miami, Houston, Boston, Providence and Los Angeles have in common?

Genealogy Roadshow!

The PBS program that is “part detective show, part emotional journey” features incredible stories of everyday Americans. As a senior researcher for Genealogy Roadshow, I worked with lead genealogists Kenyatta Berry, Joshua Taylor and Mary Tedesco to dive deep into archives and other repositories for the evidenced needed to solve mysteries and provide the cast members with long-sought for answers.

More than 10,000 applications were sent in for Season 3, and can share your story and questions with Genealogy Roadshow here. Camera shy? Hiring a professional genealogist might be a better route for you. Check out my services and tips for working with a professional.
Season 3 begins airing on Tuesday 17 May at 8pm ET and runs through 28 June 2016. Check your local listings for your stations and time.

Hitting the Road, without Leaving the District

What kind of project takes you to 23 states and 9 countries without leaving home?

Genealogy Roadshow!

Genealogy Roadshow tapes at Union Station in St. Louis.

Genealogy Roadshow tapes at Union Station in     St. Louis.

I had the good fortune to be part of the incredibly talented research team working on the second season of Genealogy Roadshow. Don’t look for me onscreen, though, the hot seats are filled by the lead genealogists: Joshua Taylor, Kenyatta Berry and Mary Tedesco.

I was able to attend tapings in St. Louis and Philadelphia, and look forward to seeing the final versions from those cities plus New Orleans when the season debuts on 13 January 2015. Check your local PBS station for times (8pm ET in most locations), and while you wait for the premiere, check out the trailer!