Client Feedback

Choosing a genealogist is an important and personal decision. Here is some feedback from clients:

Renée started with minimal bits of information about my maternal grandmother and grandfather and managed to use an incredibly wide range of sources to pinpoint birthplaces and establish contact with many relatives. She helped me set up trips to both their ancestral homes, originally both in Russia but now one in Poland and one in Ukraine, last year. In both places she helped identify superb guides who led us on our journeys and added immeasurably to our understanding with their detailed historical knowledge. –Peter Lyons

Renée did a terrific job researching my family history. The documents she found – including 19th and early 20th century marriage certificates, birth and death certificates, census records, military records from the Civil War and World War I, newspaper articles, and ship manifests – were so comprehensive and intriguing that I presented them as birthday gifts for my mother and father, who turned 70 and 75 last year. I especially appreciated her personalized tour of the National Archives to view a number of original documents. I strongly recommend her services!

I first approached Renée for help obtaining documents I needed for a passport application. In the process she uncovered some interesting details on the origins of my family and how they eventually immigrated to the Philadelphia area. It peaked my families’ curiosity and she’s been working with us since then to dive deeper and deeper into who we are. What’s been so great about working with her, is that she lets us work at our own pace, and always provide options for how to proceed and what we’re likely to find depending on how much money we spend. At each step we learn more….

Renée did an outstanding job researching my family history.  She obtained numerous documents about my family’s history in South Dakota, including historical land plot images showing the location of our family farm and photos of the ship that brought my relatives to the United States in the 1800s.

Renée has been an invaluable detective-scholar, researcher and sleuth in helping me track down the mysteries and black holes in my ancestry.  Renée has the enviable skill and talent to be able to find archaic lost documents, ship manifests, census records, marriage and death certificates, and even photos of gravestones that I would never have been able to track down myself.  She has provided a wealth of information and documentation about my family history and has answered many lingering questions.  This has proven invaluable for my family, and as I continue to use her services, layer upon layer of new information and insight is revealed.

References available upon request.

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