Eastern European Mutt offers genealogy research using a variety of online, local and international resources, including vital records, US Census records, ship manifests, naturalizations, newspapers, military records and more. I can also assist you with your own project management, records organization, transcription services, or help you find a translator for old letters.

All projects start with a research objective, which can be very specific (find a photograph of the ship on which my great-grandmother traveled to the US) or general (find out everything you can about my grandfather), or somewhere in between.

It’s important to keep an open mind when conducting genealogy research. Sometimes family myths prove to be true, or not, or other news can be uncovered that might be difficult to hear. I bring to each project a tenacious drive to uncover whatever the client seeks. I am honest about my capabilities and my limits. I abide by the Association of Professional Genealogists Code of Ethics.

Popular options include:
Comprehensive Family Research – An “a to z” examination of an ancestral line. The project includes a family tree and a report typically contains a summary of results, detailed finding and analysis with complete citations, and recommendations for future work. All work also includes a CD with digital copies of any historical documents obtained or used during research.

Family Narratives – A family tree just begins to tell the story, and a family narrative adds interesting details such as how much money a traveler had when arriving in the United States, if they owned a radio in 1930, how much rent they paid for an apartment, and more.

Brick Wall Consultations – Are you a budding genealogist? Stuck behind a wall in your research? A consultation can assist you with ideas on where to search, other angles to take, resources that you might not have tapped.

Archives Record Retrieval – As a resident of the District of Columbia, I have easy access to many of the resources here in the nation’s capital: the National Archives, both the main building and Archives II in College Park; Library of Congress; DAR Library; United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; Gallaudet University; DC Courts and more. I can typically turn around a request for record retrieval in a few days.

For more information about hiring a professional genealogist, see the Association of Professional Genealogist’s guide.

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