Renée Carl, AKA Eastern European Mutt

Renée’s first encounter with genealogy was an unsuccessful class presentation in third grade. Despite her best efforts to interview her two living grandparents, the family tree was sparse, especially compared to many of her classmates. In fits and starts over many years, she attempted to tackle the changed surnames and vague place locations of her ancestors’ origins.

Like many people, the digitization of records combined with a need for a career change turned a sometime hobby into an obsession. The more work she did on the family – confirming myths, discovering information – the more the process, the chase, digging for facts amongst the rubble of the past became a career.

Renée attended Wesleyan University and graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Anthropology. She completed masters courses in Museum Studies and Education. After years working in public relations, education policy, and politics, she moved full time to genealogy in 2012.

Renée’s work includes a love of immigration and naturalization records, city directories, maps, and a personal interest in Prohibition era St. Louis. She advocates for records access, sits on the APG Advocacy Committee, and provides policy guidance to RecordsNotRevenue.com. She brings to each project a tenacious drive to uncover whatever the client seeks. Renée is honest about her capabilities and her limits. Renée abides by the Association of Professional Genealogists Code of Ethics.


  1. My father was born in Medzybodzh, while my mother’s side comes from Lithuania and Poland. Do you collect information from people who follow your blog, and do you share information with them?

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